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  • Image of N.O.I.R. TEE
  • Image of N.O.I.R. TEE

T-Shirt "N.O.I.R."
100 X 100 Cotton
Limited Edition. 150 unit.


Desing by.

Treble Noir

(Formed as a graphic designer and illustrator, his techniques are multi-disciplinary, many of which have been completely self-taught. Painting, engraving, printing and artistic intervention. He brings over 10 years working on projects visual record labels, musicians, clothing and advertising.

His work is a way of personal expression on some basic concepts of representation. These concepts are part of the set of concrete ideas that brings. Among the gloom and magic, appear mysterious ways that are hidden behind the scenes or concepts explicit torment and obvious interpretation. This serial work and original, austere in color and rough, only two colors represent the background and image. The structures of the image flow between photography / collage, screen printing and digital retouch. The result is a set of spontaneous structure aspect but with a complex content.)

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